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Cow Protection

We fund organizations that protect cows. We want cows to live their full age.
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Goal : $30,000.00
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The Tilottama Cow Protection Project was established in the year 2074 with an initial herd of 200 cows within a 4-acre land expanse. The fundamental objective underpinning the project’s inception was to mitigate the escalating occurrences of stray cows on the streets, a predominant factor contributing to numerous road accidents, while concurrently safeguarding the local vegetation.

Since its establishment, the focal intent of the project has dynamically evolved to encompass a multifaceted approach, extending beyond the mere care of cows. Notably, it has progressively diversified its initiatives, embarking on various endeavors such as the establishment of a sustainable cow-centric economy. Moreover, the project has been instrumental in promoting and encouraging local breeding practices, while concurrently spearheading research and development initiatives aimed at creating pesticides, medicinal formulations, and incense derived from cow urine.

This comprehensive approach underscores the project’s commitment to not only tending to the welfare of cows but also leveraging their potential to contribute significantly to various sectors, thereby fostering a more sustainable and harmonious ecosystem.


On going projects

  1. Incense Manufacture

Incense has long been associated with spiritual practices, but the conventional options available in the market often compromise health. Numerous studies have highlighted the presence of harmful chemicals in commercial incense, raising concerns about the impact on respiratory health. Bamboo-based incense, a traditional choice, has been linked to hazards comparable to inhaling cigarette smoke, making it a risky option for those seeking a purer, more natural experience.

At Tilottama, we are committed to providing an alternative that prioritizes your well-being. Our organic incense is meticulously crafted using locally sourced cow dung, ensuring a product that is free from harmful chemicals. This unique approach not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation.

**Join Our Journey and empower us in Building a Sustainable Power Infrastructure

Exciting times lie ahead as we embark on a journey to produce pure and organic incense! We’ve already invested in state-of-the-art machines for incense creation, and now we invite you to be a part of our venture. Your support will help us address crucial needs and ensure the success of this meaningful project. We are reaching out to our community for support in three vital initiatives:


  1. Building a Power Station:
  • Your contributions will go towards the construction of a robust and sustainable power station.
  • Help us create a foundation for reliable energy that will drive our initiatives and benefit the community.
  1. Procure Industrial Wires:
  • Your donations will assist us in purchasing high-quality industrial wires essential for our power projects.
  • Ensure the reliability and safety of our electrical infrastructure with your support.
  1. Buying and Installing a Transformer:
  • Support the procurement of a transformer that is crucial for our power infrastructure.
  • Contribute to the installation process, ensuring a seamless and efficient integration into our energy network.




How do you make sure my gifts to Chariti are spent wisely?

– In the Enlightenment era charitable and philanthropic activity among voluntary associations and rich benefactors became a widespread cultural practice.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

– If you’re in the U.S., yes, you can.

Where does my money actually go?

– In the Enlightenment era charitable and philanthropic activity among voluntary associations and rich benefactors became a widespread cultural practice.

How do you choose locations to build a community center?

– This emerging upper-class fashion for benevolence resulted in the incorporation of the first charitable organizations.

What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

– The Enlightenment also saw growing philosophical debate between those who championed state intervention and those who believed that private charities should provide welfare. The Reverend Thomas Malthus.

What’s your goal?

– Charities also began to adopt campaigning roles, where they would champion a cause and lobby the government for legislative change.

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